AltEPG is a non-commercial project developed by a group of TiVo enthusiasts.

The UK element of the core team responsible for getting the system to an operational state and who will be continuing in an administrative capacity going forwards, is made up of just 5 individuals.

Our aim is to prolong the life of our TiVo hardware after the official service shutdown in June 2011 by providing an alternative source for the EPG data.

Whilst we can make no service guarantees compared to the official commercial product, we hope our efforts will benefit users in the UK that are not ready to retire or give up on their TiVo units just yet!

After requests from a number of users, who wanted to express their thanks in a monetary form, we have added this donation page.

The core team would like to make it clear that we are not asking for donations to run the project, nor are we expressing any requirements of donations pertaining to the success and continuation of the project!

Judging from the comments made by the first contributors, it is clear that they just wanted to say "thanks" and this is great because our initial thoughts are that we would prefer not to have the complications of a deemed expectant level of service based on contribution. We are happy to continue to donate our time and resources to the project without renumeration and we just want to make this clear before anyone makes a contribution!

Thank you

The AltEPG Team

March 2017 :
The Donate button has now been removed. It has never been a requirement that a financial donation is required to obtain access to TV schedule data for your TiVo. We are a bunch of dedicated volunteers and, to be honest, we would rather you help with some of the behind-the-scenes tasks such as helping to edit the TV schedule data, rather than money.

We're always looking for volunteers to help with editing the guide data. If you'd like to help then please post a message on the forum and we'll sign you up!