resurrection shuffle

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resurrection shuffle

Postby dotdot » Sat Apr 06, 2024 3:20 pm

ok here's the deal.

tivo 1
- was working well for an age. Having had a couple of hdd failures and new images burned by kindly folks here....
(with network card)
it died : power supply. (dust quota - high)

tivo 2 - stored - now dusted off.
i'm about to pull the psu - should .. I ...not bother with that and just pull the hdd from tivo 1 and use it in tivo2 - will that work ? .. was there anything special on that orig (other) hdd in tivo 1

(would need to bring over network card!)

- so votes or thoughts please ? swap out psu from tivo1 versus just pull the hdd over from t1 to t2 and power up ? I'm asking as my tools are scattered throughout my place and just locating them might take a day or so.

all the best

Almost there...
Almost there...
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Re: resurrection shuffle

Postby Pegasus » Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:46 pm

On balance I would just swap the psu. Just needs some slim or long-nose pliers and a cross-head screwdriver.

(The other route would need mods to the case for the network cable, and account checking/changing on your altepg account.)
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Really should get out more
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