Using TiVo for archiving programmes

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Using TiVo for archiving programmes

Postby shaunH » Mon Aug 26, 2013 4:01 pm

Hello all.
I signed up for a VirginMedia tivo about a year ago.

The only reason I'm now hanging on to my old TiVo is to archive the odd programme that I've recorded on my VM TiVo.
This has quite a high hassle factor as I have to connect the old Tivo to the VM TiVo SCART, make the daily call on the altepg, then record in real-time onto before transferring via MS_FTP and converting the resulting Video files into MPG and then make a DVD.

Is anyone else using a better method? Any way of bypassing the altepg and setting up the TiVo as a simple VCR?
Or maybe there is a device better suited than my old TiVo??


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