Improving the sound from the Tivo

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Improving the sound from the Tivo

Postby mikethebike » Sat Sep 13, 2014 10:09 am

I assume everyone plugs their Tivos into the hifi to improve the sound massively.
If you don't give it a go. You won't go back

I'm into hifi and my Tivo is connected to mine.
As I discovered more about hifi over the past few years I found interconnects can make a big difference and they also make a big difference to the Tivo sound.
My current is Mark Grant G1000
They are very good and even brand new they are serious money, but not lottery money at £75
Second hand is even nicer if you loiter on Ebay like Mr.Cheapskate here.

I've been trying out different supports on the hifi kit recently and for a laugh and out of interest I tried some under the Tivo
We were so surprised at how much better Ry Cooder sounded we completely forgot to check out the picture quality !
Might get around to it this weekend
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TiVo lover
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