Network Configuration

Network Configuration is an option available with the AltEPG TiVo disk upgrade. It allows you to use your TiVo Remote Control to reconfigure your TiVo to use a particular network card, or to use the Modem or Serial Port for networking.
It also allows you to set a fixed IP address for your TiVo and to set the Gateway Address.

To specify the configuration you want, enter a special code into the "Call Waiting" (or "Call Scheduling") setting, using your TiVo remote, and then make a test call. The test call will fail (this is deliberate), but will display the text "Network reconfigured OK". You should then choose "Restore previous options" to revert to your previous Call Scheduling settings. You will then receive a TiVo message detailing the configuration change that has been made. You should then restart your TiVo for the change to take effect.

This page allows you to determine what code to enter for the network configuration settings you require.

  • IP Address
    Gateway Address
    Network Mask
  • Use code:

    Detailed Steps
    From the TiVo Main Menu:
    choose  Messages & Setup 
    then  Recorder & Call Setup 
    then  Phone/Network Connection 
    then  Change Phone/Network Options 
    then  Set Call Scheduling Rules .
    Use the << key to delete any existing text and then enter the code:

    (use the PAUSE key for comma(,), CLEAR for * and ENTER for #)
    Press SELECT
    then choose  Accept and test new options .

    After about 30 seconds, TiVo will display:
     (Network reconfigured OK)  next to  Preparing ,
    and then lower down on the screen:  Test Failed! .

    Press LEFT then choose  Restore previous options 
    Choose  Use these calling options 
    Press the TiVo button
    Choose  TiVo Messages 
    You will see a new message  Network Configuration Change .
    Read this message to check that the expected change has been made.
    Press the TiVo button again
    Choose  System Reset 
    Choose  Restart the Recorder 
    Press THUMBS-DOWN three times and then ENTER